Resort Girl Reflects Life High Atop a Harbour Town Roof Top

August 17, 2015

What views could compare to the beauty of the famous Harbour Town in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina as seen from a mile-high roof top? This Resort Girl is lucky to have gotten a room with a view of the Harbour Town via one of my Resort Girl BFFs. So, this week, you will see lots of blogging on the spectacular plantation of Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island.

This trip officially starts my Resort Girl travels. As I sat atop the roof, enjoying a cold one and the beauty surrounding me, life reflections came from the movements of nature and then, these Resort Girl words formed and these photos were clicked:


I will fly like the seagulls, gracefully against the sea breezes
I will glide with pride, like the flag of stars and stripes, with honor high atop the protective lighthouse
I will beam like the lighthouse’s bold beacon, bringing light to those around and those in need
I will soar above the treetops with big and beautiful dreams
I will jump and skip the ropes, finding my own way
I will ride with the tides – the highest of high and lowest of lows – knowing to go with the flow as each will give way to the other
And when the sun sets, I will be at peace.


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