Puttin’ on your Resort Girl Persona

December 11, 2015

One of the most fun things about being a Resort Girl is puttin’ on your RG persona!

A Resort Girl is on one continuous journey – exploring her physical and mental abilities while living gracefully with nature. She is an adventuresome woman who dreams of far-away places, relaxing but recharging experiences and words of wisdom to reflect.

Yesterday, I wrapped up my second Resort Girl shoot with the wonderful team at Momentus Marketing. The first shoot took places in the North Georgia Mountains and this time on the South Carolina Shores. Mil Cannon is a genius behind the camera with Andre Riedlinger making all the rest come together. Most of all, they make it fun to live my Resort Girl persona on film.

And having some great friends, coaches and South Carolina resort partners in the pictures makes them shine even more. Top it off with the beautiful backdrops of the low country and beaches – the lush green fairways, moss-covered trees, white sandy beaches and clear blue skies were all breathtaking backdrops. We will start sharing photos in the coming weeks!

Resort Girls, you all have special style and allure – your RG persona. And RGs are the new “it” girls!


My hopes are to continue to showcase ways to bring out your signature style – for an RGs to pick and choose what fits her unique persona.

But, we also want to hear from you…what do you like to do to make your Resort Girl persona shine?

Please share how you put on your Resort Girl persona by posting on Resort Girl Facebook, or hashtagging #ResortGirl on your Instagram. All of us want to see what makes you smile as a Resort Girl!

Cheers to having fun being a Resort Girl… and to relaxing, recharging and reflecting!


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