Resort Girls set goals instead of making resolutions

December 29, 2015

Resort Girls have a positive outlook for their lives, and, at year-end make goals instead of resolutions. Goals are defined as the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. And that is what Resort Girls are aiming to do…

Live a Beautiful and Meaningful Life.

Therefore, at this time of year, Resort Girls (and even our Guys) review their life plans to set goals for 2016. And as one of my favorite and respected motivational speakers, Jim Rohn, “Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals.”

As most RG and Gs are into some type of sport or competitive adventure, we are well aware of how to set goals to win the game or make it to the finish line. It takes both training AND thinking. Training your body to finish the game and thinking positively… even when faced with potential defeat.

It never fails to amaze me how when the top athletes have a bad performing game, when interviewed afterward, they turn it around by pointing out the good plays. They do not say, “Oh, yes I need to do better in this or that,” as with resolutions. Instead, these pros say something positive about one of their skills like, “Did I not have a great putt on that number 16 hole?”

Aren’t many of us just waiting for these players to voice the negative? Winners stay positive. It is their positive personal philosophy—their mind processes the overall performance, but has been trained to think and remain positive. They also know what to do to make their performance better next time.

Building a perfect Resort Girl and Guy life is the same way. As Mr. Rohn also states, “You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”

Resort Girls and Guys, set goals to build their Perfect RG Life Plan— life destination. Not sure how to get started? Begin by asking yourself some of the following questions to set some direction:

  • Where do I see myself at the end of 2016 and in 5 years?
  • What is my life Plan to get there? And what can I accomplish in 2016?
  • Do I need a Partner? Is this the year or maybe not?
  • What are the pieces necessary to Produce my lifestyle? Is 2016 a year for a major or minor piece?
  • What do I need to/or not Purchase to achieve it? Is it time for a big purchase or sale?
  • What is my unique Purpose? Keep refining this, as with shifts in direction this may also shift as well.

Try a search on our Resort Girl site, to explore some of the blog topics written in 2015. They may help you answer some of the above questions.

Cheers to 2016! And to arriving at your destinations…as life is one continual journey!











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