Resort Girls – Get a Club Level View of a Ball Game

September 4, 2015

Baseball lovin’ Resort Girls, try a club level view for your next game outing. This Resort girl did, and it ended up being a fun night vacay!

I loved playing softball in my elementary school days. The feel of the leather glove, the cool gray and red flannel cap, and the thrill of a strike out! At first, my position was pitcher, since I had good hand-eye coordination, but I kept ducking when that ball came at my face! They then put me on first base – as I could run fast and catch too.

Maybe that is why when my GA community clubhouse offered a trip on the Fox bus to attend an Atlanta Braves game, this Resort Girl put her money down. Ok, so the Fox bus broke down, but the replacement one was comfy and, as the only single gal, I took the small front seat behind the driver.

The ride was just over an hour, but there were no congestion headaches as our driver went one exit past all of the backed-up cars as he knew the best bus shortcuts. He dropped our group off right up at the front steps…a space reserved exclusively for buses.

We then went to the club level. It was a nice view for a first-timer club level visitor! It reminded me of a luxe hotel lobby and lounge. As we walked to our assigned seats, the aroma of the many different eating destinations caught my senses from Asian to, yes, the all-American hot dog!

The hallways were filled with comfy couches, historic photographs, plenty of clean powder rooms and many helpful hands to guide you to your ultimate club level seats. I did peek into a few sky level rooms and they looked really cool as well. This Resort Girl did an invite  to watch the game there, but wanted to go with my group and take the bus with its shortcuts instead!


Not only did I enjoy a great ball game, but the complementary buffet and free brews were delicious too.

The only downside to the evening was that there was a crash in front of us when we were on the way home. Fortunately, you can also get a quick nap on the bus when they shut down the interstate. We pulled in around 1PM! I had never slept on a bus before, but now I can add that to my list of Resort Girl adventures.


So, if someone ever asks to take you out to the ball game at club level… take the bus and enjoy!

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