Rev Your Engines

September 2, 2015
Rev Your Engines

Fast cars are not just for guys anymore; as more and more women are becoming fascinated by the thrill of revving engines — myself included.

My fascination started in childhood, as my grandfather was the number one Cadillac salesman in Miami for many years. He was, in fact, one of the first to provide us with many weekend pleasure trips in the latest and greatest El Dorado. Those beautiful tail wings are one of my first car design memories. Next came the high school years when my own driving just began. Oh, how I wanted that 280 ZX.

Nowadays, many resorts provide luxury and sports cars for their guests’ daily use. Some come with a fee and some are free, depending on the resort. In addition, car shows are becoming quite a big draw for many as well. This year at my resort, Palmetto Bluff, Audi sponsored a car showcase as part of the Music to Your Mouth series. So, I took a spin in one of their compact SUVs, as I was in the market for one. What an enjoyable experience to test drive vehicles in your own backyard and in the midst of nature’s beauty! The driving course went alongside our equestrian trails, where I could go off road here and there.

Upon returning the SUV, the Audi team offered me a spin in a hot red sports car. The thrill of cruising down the highways and byways in a sports car is one way for this resort girl to recharge, or just taking it for a spin to the park for a picnic.

Do fast cars fascinate and recharge you?

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