Resort Girls Stretch Like a Puppy to Melt Your Fuzz

September 18, 2015

Dogs do it and cats do it every morning…stretch that is, and humans need to do it too. One good reason to stretch is to keep your muscles in motion and another is to keep your skin smoother – those ripples you tend to see are too tight muscles. You need to get them moving and massaged or Resort Girls will get the fuzz!

“The what?!” you say? Why did this RG want to know about the buzz about this thing called the fuzz…to improve the looks of my skin? RGs of all ages want to look and feel their best, but should always try to do it naturally. Natural is so much healthier. Whenever this RG hears some new buzz about how to achieve this, she will certainly share with other RGs.

My chiropractor was the one who told me to learn about the fuzz by viewing a popular video. Let me warn you, it does have dead people parts in it, so not a good thing to view while eating dinner like this RG was. My chicken wing just looked a bit too much like someone’s arm.

Anyway, this is a fun and cute video by Dr. Gill Hedley to view and learn the buzz about your RG fuzz.

As he says in the video, every morning when you wake up and stretch… you melt your fuzz. Less fuzz has lead to smoother skin in this RGs case.

I know my little pooch Windsor would pop out of his little bed and do a big puppy stretch in front of the door every morning. Each and every day he stretched, even when he came out of his little doggie house after his nap.

So, we Resort Girls need to learn from our adorable best friends, our pets. Get down on the floor with your puppy or kitty cat and stretch away together! If not, recruit your BFF RG and get moving each AM with a quick walk, or yoga class before work and stretch — but always seek professional trainers before any new physical activity. As with any movement, there are proper stretches too. Yoga is a great way to learn some healthy moves and it has been where this RG has learned the best stretches for her body.

So share the buzz on fuzz… and keep stretching like your puppy!

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