Resort Girls Have a Life Full of Destinations

January 2, 2016

Cheers to a Life full of Destinations of the Mind, Body and Soul

Being a Resort Girl and Guy means your life is filled with destinations. Some may just be in your mind, others in your heart, and many using your bodies.

It may mean reading an exotic article about a far-away place for a few moments of escape or a quick day vacay to a local public garden to smell the roses or a quick visit to a local river or lake for a dip.

Resort Girl Destinations

It may mean a weekend escape to the mountains for a spiritual retreat, a seaside exercise class, or even a plane or boat trip to explore a new destination and culture.

They are all equally fulfilling in a life of adventure—mind, body and soul explorations. It is a life lived on one continual journey exploring your physical and mental abilities while enjoying and living gracefully with nature.

A Resort Girl and Guy’s passport and mind become filled with stamps of adventure, new faces and new places. Your eyes open up to new ideas and cultures. And your heart becomes protective of nature’s creatures and beauty….as you want to keep those natural treasures thriving and alive.

Resort Girls and Guys, when setting your RG Life Plan 2016 goals, include destinations of the mind, body and soul. They all make excellent destinations for your life-long journey of adventure.

Here’s to continuing our adventures together in 2016…

Cheers to 2016 and a Happy New Year Resort Guys and Girls!
Resort Girl


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