Do Resort Girls Who Play Together Stay Together?

September 16, 2015

Are your BFF Resort Girls also your sporting buddies? This RG has a theory that women who play together stay together as lifelong friends. Kids grow up and careers change, but your sporting game generally stays the same with age.

Exercising and playing together is a lifelong pursuit. How did I come up with this personal RG deduction? Well, most of my lifelong friends are the ones this RG plays sports with – golf mainly, but we try others too. My newer RG friends are fellow tennis players and yogis, both of which are my newest sports obsessions.


The competition of the sports can often dilute the competition that sometimes infiltrates RG relationships, including lifelong friendships. A little friendly competition among Resort Girls is a good thing. It keeps a Resort Girl at the top of her game as well as keeping her RG body in shape, mind healthy, and helps build lasting relationships – all of which are priceless.

Exercise is always a good thing in stressful and emotional times, as it helps with the depression and anxiety that life may bring. Not to mention it’s always a good thing to whack that little golf ball or bouncy tennis ball to get any frustrations out! Take it out on the ball, not your family or friends.

Many times, Resort Girls being on the courts and course can provide an excellent networking opportunity. Resort girls bring other RGs and often times they soon become a good professional connection or even a new BFF RG!

Let us know if many of your BFFs are also playing partners. Resort Girls who play together stay together!

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