Confidence Is Queen In Golf, Resort Girl

October 2, 2015

Confidence is queen in golf. If you don’t have it on the course, you might as well walk off. Golf, like many sports, is a muscle and mind game and in golf, mind matters equally to moves.

Resort Girls are now playing their own games – not just as a spouse or girlfriend – so much so that women are now the ones taking the initiative to sign on the dotted line for many country club and golf memberships…including this Resort Girl.

Many times, RGs will play by themselves on a course full of highly seasoned golfers, both men and women. There is nothing more intimidating than standing on that mile-high tee box with three people staring at you and possibly four more in queue for the box. This is when all RG beginner golfers need confidence.


And how do you get confidence? Instruction, playing lessons and practice, practice and practice. Just like any other sport, practice make perfect, and in golf – between the swing motion, hand grips, ball position to course conditions, etc. – RGs need knowledge.

Unfortunately, many Resort Girls do not take the time to get lessons and quickly get frustrated with the game and give it up. Many RGs may also feel intimidated about the sport, let alone even entering a clubhouse, so a golf course etiquette course is highly recommended to make RGs feel at ease. Practice and etiquette makes a Resort Girl queen on the golf course.

I personally started taking lessons before venturing out on a golf course. My first was a combo vacay and instructional golf trip to sunny Florida. I became hooked when I hit my first iron and the trainer exclaimed, “Are you a ringer? Look how straight you hit that ball – and on your first try!”

My golf education was uphill and downhill from there. I visited many more courses, from Vail to California to Florida, and took many more lessons in a variety of venues and people, from group to individual.

“Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising ones level of aspiration and expectation.” -Jack Nicklaus


To me, the key is also finding the right pro for your personality – your “Golf Whisperer”. Mine was at Big Canoe Resort about a decade ago, and we spent many days on the driving range and practicing on the hilly mountains courses. I am still a property owner to this day.

A good “golf whisperer” has the ability to sense one’s personal traits and skills. When your pro keenly knows your own Resort Girl strengths and weaknesses, he or she can build a personalized and peak program for you.

There is no better time to play among the majestic mountains, especially when the leaves are turning vibrant colors or when cool sea or lake breezes brush up against your face while you’re bundled up in your stylish golf sweater.

Enjoy the glory of a good round of golf, Resort Girls and remember: Confidence is queen!


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