Resort Girl, Take Flight to Build Your Dream Life

October 19, 2015

Resort Girl, where do you see yourself in 5 years? That is the first question to building your RG Perfect lifestyle.

A Resort Girl’s formula for the “6Ps of a Perfect Lifestyle”:

(Where + What + Who + “To Do”) + (How + Why) = Life Dream Come True!

Building a perfect lifestyle is very similar to building a business or career. Some start early building their lifestyle, some start later, but many times we overlook the need to be in balance until we lose one part of that lifestyle. If one leaves, you still have a foundation to build back the others. And if you have a master plan and vision for your Resort Girl life, then you have your personal roadmap to get back on track. Call this your Resort Girl Guidebook to a Perfect Life!

Resort Girls, begin asking yourself the following questions:

• Where do I see myself in 5 years?
• What is my life Plan to get there?
• Do I need a Partner?
• What are the pieces “to do” to Produce my lifestyle?
• What do I need to/or not Pursue to achieve it?
• What is my unique Purpose?

The “Where” is what we are focusing on today, as it is the lifting off point – the invention time. As blogged earlier, life is about creating yourself.


Resort Girl, you are creating your Perfect life. So the first P, “Where” questions might be:

• Where do I want to be living in 5 years – place, living space?
• Where the majority/mix of your time being spent is – work or play?
• Where is your income coming in from – dream career, part-time work, semi-retired or full retirement?
• Where are your favorite Relaxing spots? Top beach spots, favorite spas, porch rocker.
• Where are your favorite Reflecting Places? Yoga classes, your private garden.
• Where are your favorite Recharging Activities? Golf, tennis, hiking, gardening adventures.

These are just a few “Where” questions to begin asking yourself and jotting down in your Resort Girl “6Ps to a Perfect Life” guidebook.

Ready, set, go! Cheers to building your dream life, Resort Girl.

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