You Are A Pearl, Resort Girl

September 30, 2015

Each and every Resort Girl has her own special pearl. Not just a necklace (although a good one is classic), but beautiful, charming, and memorable characteristic(s).

Is it not wonderful that each and every RG has her own image, and that she has the confidence to show it, work it and polish it? She does not need to conform to what society says is the “It” thing, as she is her own unique “It”!

That is what Resort Girl is all about: empowering women to lead a life of their own and to always explore their own unique journey, as well as appreciate the gifts given to them.

‘Polishing your Pearls’ was the theme for our women’s conference six years ago up in beautiful Big Canoe. Tonight, while organizing some notes, I found an old folded-up print out – a precious piece from Dr. James McCormick that inspired my Wednesday blog.

Resort Girls and Guys will find a new blog post here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or as often as possible, unless a cool RG event keeps us away a day or two (but we are always thinking of you on those days)!

Now, back to the conference. Dr. McCormick was the opening speaker at the women’s conference in 2009. This Resort Girl sat there listening to his inspirational speech with a great deal of enthusiasm, as he is a man whose words stick with you. The beauty of the mountains and the beauty of his words made it a cherished day for this RG, even to this day.


Dr. McCormick wanted every woman participating to realize, “they are special and one of a kind. A distinctive, unrepeatable miracle of love… of infinite worth and significance, as that is the way you were created.”

He went on to say:

“Listen now, I’m about to say something important. If you want your life to be good, and if you want to help others make their lives good, here is how to do it: make it a primary goal of your life to discover your pearl – that unique thing that makes you you – discover it, polish it – use it – then, in the strength of that, go around every day helping other people discover their pearls too.”

Resort Girls, keep polishing your pearls. A fun thing you can also do is find a real little pearl to polish here and there….to carry in your hand when you need inspiration, or maybe just a little boost of confidence or to remember your unique RG characteristics.

Just the other day, I found a beautiful black sea pearl in my drawer that was taken off of a bracelet to shorten it. As I was writing this blog, I went to my drawer, pulled it out and began polishing it.

While doing this, I pondered my unique characteristics, but as it fell out of my hand, onto the floor and rolled away, it made me realize finding those characteristics is a day-by-day journey. Follow it… go with it… and always cherish your pearl.

You are a pearl, Resort Girl! Shine on and help your BFF RG polish hers too!

Share some of your pearls of wisdom with us…

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