Resort Girl Takes in the Action at the PGA Tour

September 28, 2015

Can a Resort Girl turn down free tickets to a PGA Tour? No way! This RG was offered free tickets to the PGA Tour at East Lake!

Being a work week day, it was hard to get a Resort Girl or Guy buddy. So, what is a safe and stylish way to go if, at last minute, a Resort Girl must go to an event alone? Call a taxi or even splurge for a sedan or limo! And there is a fantastic firm in Atlanta for RGs called Greene Limo.

They will drop you off and pick you up in a safe, secure area. This Resort Girl lucked out and got picked up in a 6 person stretch, as sedans were scarce. I did not complain when I saw it pulling down East Lake Drive.


We were even allowed to exit through the same, secure PGA tour exit used by the players, as the car was too big to turn around. And what a PGA tour day it was! The sun was out on Thursday with a cool, brisk fall breeze in the air.

A fellow Resort Girl in the hotel locker room made me feel confident, giving me a two thumbs up on my outfit before heading out to watch  the tour.

This is every stylish Resort Guy and Girl’s dream — to stand out on the course. Even if it you are not playing well, you can still look darn good! Sporting events are no different than any top social event. RG and Gs want to have style and stand out from the crowd.


I styled myself in Nike clothes from Edwin Watts and new neon shades. I complemented my look with neon-accented accessories – from shoe laces to the rubber soles of my Ecco golf shoes.

The cool breeze caused me to pop on my neon diamond knee socks to keep my legs warm. I always keep a pair in my fall bag (and by the way, they are totally a style hit.) Several guys came up and gave my look an enthusiastic two thumbs up.

Do not underestimate the power of a stylish sock  – be it knee, boot or thigh-high. It adds POW to your outfit! But, here’s an RG tip – with fashion knee socks, you must double up a sock for sport with a fun footie one. I used a neon one for this outfit.

It is fun to find your personal Resort Girl or Guy style and see what works by getting feedback from fellow RGs. One other RG fashion tip is to mix up your sporting and resort looks with accessories. Feel free to mix sporting lines — yoga for tennis, tennis for golf, etc. Tennis and even yoga jackets work well for golf, as my tour day jacket was from Zella active wear by Nordstrom’s. This line has great lines, patterns and sexy slits.

The PGA Tour day event itself was a blast and, thanks to Charles Schwab, I got an up close view of the 14th green from the Schwab Sky Box. There’s nothing like being eye-to-eye with the best golfers in the world. Add free food, beer and a classy crowd — what an RG day to remember! And this brings up another good thing about using a car service – you don’t have to drive home and can add a bit of early afternoon cheer to your tour.

A word of advice, Resort Girls  – always be smart and know your personal cheering limits. No stumbling to the car – as many times they are parked far from the action during sporting events and you’ve gotta remember where the pick-up stand is!

As this RG has said before – Resort Girls have the confidence and smarts on how to go it alone!

And it was a day to remember! This RG plans to attend more PGA tour events. RGs, if you find yourself given free tickets to an event, don’t shy away from going – even if you find out last minute you are on your own. Call a car, go in style, go with confidence, but most importantly have smarts when you go it alone.

Resort Girls and Guys, share your favorite PGA Tour day experience!

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