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A Resort Girl’s ‘She Shed’ by the Seashore

October 5, 2015

Every Resort Girl deserves her own space and place to relax and reflect. The new wave for getting that space is by creating your own “She Shed” – a twist on the infamous “man cave”.

They can be as simple as a little wooden cottage by the water’s edge or a fine modern modular unit in your city backyard. They are meant to be small in space, but large in wonder and filled with inspiration. Some great She Shed photos can be found at PureWow.

The concept back brought back memories of this Resort Girl’s wishes for a She Shed. About two decades ago, I bought my first home located in Buckhead, within the bustling city limits of Atlanta. I used to laugh as many called it a cottage, but to me it was a small house — my first home was a house! The home was small, but the lot was over an acre-and-half, filled with mature hardwoods and lush green undergrowth. The most beautiful part was in the back quarter where on old potting table remained — the land is what called my name.

Every day, I would wander back in the yard and dream of a place to sit and enjoy the sounds of the birds and get a bit of personal space — a quiet escape from city life. Nature has always been my favorite retreat for inspiration, so I seek it out even when I’m in the city.

My thought at the time was, why not put a little shed back here? I had recently been to Home Depot and saw all of those modular metal sheds by the garden center. I could put in a little writing table and decorate it to my tastes and this would provide a little space for my thoughts, dreams and desires.

Now, this is a popular trend for women! We are getting our own personal spaces. Some Resort Girls wish to mediate, some to create, some to entertain, and some to just relax and reflect.

These spaces can be filled with fluffy floor pillows and chairs, tiny writing and craft tables, dream boards, etc. They can also be surrounded by trickling fountains, little gardens and window boxes, and even a hammock. Technology can be a part of it now with wi-fi if you wish for soothing music, but try and leave your ringer off. Take your mind off of the world around you and escape into your thoughts and desires, or just recall some great memories past – relax and reflect, Resort Girl.

There are now many ready-made plans and modular units to be found on the web. There is far more to choose from than two decades ago, when a simple metal shed caught my fancy, but maybe your perfect She Shed is just a little wooden one, made of leftover lumber from a local work site or reclaimed wood from a historic place or even a chapel. The spirits of the past can help inspire the future in your little Resort Girl She Shed.

Find a place in a city yard or seashore and watch the sunrise in your She Shed.


Just make it yours, Resort Girl – your place – your space – to relax, reflect and recharge!

Share some of your She Shed inspirations and designs with us!

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