Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself, Life Is About Creating Yourself

October 7, 2015

Resort Girl, what is on the vision board for your ultimate life? Is it living on a beautiful boat and sailing the open seas? Could it be opening up a little tea shop or teaching yoga by the seaside? Or would it be loving what you do by just making everyday a weekend by living the Resort Girl lifestyle?

When faced with a total life transition, this Resort Girl had an open slate to start a new life, but from my past experience as an entrepreneur, I knew it was not about finding a new life, but rather building one!

For the first year, my focus was on improving my professional skills, so I became a college grad art student at SCAD. Then, under the persona of SmartSamantha, I penned the WizBizKids® biz book series.


The books are for enlightening youth about “The 6Ps of an Idea”: Guidebooks to Creating a Super Cool Idea. The 6P methodology’s formula is:

(What + How + Who + “To Do”) + (Sell + Sale) = Idea Come True!

Then the thought hit me one day! I should start applying the “6P’s of an Idea” methodology to my desired “Perfectlifestyle not just “Professionalcareer?

You can do it too Resort Girls, just ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where do I see myself in 5 years?
  • What is my life Plan to get there?
  • Do I need a Partner?
  • What are the pieces to Produce my lifestyle?
  • What do I need to Purchase to achieve it?
  • And how am I going to continue to grow and be Promoted?

As women, we all go through life changes, including the BIG life change starting around our mid 40s. Our lives shift and, as children leave the nest, things become hot with your body — the sweats — but most of all during these times, one realizes how short life is!

Granted, most of us are still working either full-time or part-time, but what are you doing after hours? Have you lived your ultimate life? Make time before it runs out.

Resort Girls, live your dreams by thinking through the 6Ps and using them to help achieve your “Perfect” life!

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