Like The Palm Tree, Resort Girls Bend But Don’t Break

October 9, 2015

Is a Resort Girl’s backbone strong, like a palm tree? Bending, but not breaking, in the strong winds of life.

A few months back during my suite stay, a fierce thunderstorm came rolling in from the river. I watched the winds violently bash against the trees and underbrush, but the palm trees caught my eye as they stayed strong against the fierce winds just swaying and losing only their dead limbs. The other trees, however, bent wildly with large healthy branches crashing down into the marsh.


So, when I read a passage in my local paper comparing a woman’s backbone to the strength of a palm tree, it sparked this blog.

DawnChere´ Wilkerson of Rendezvous, Miami spoke using this analogy at The Divine Women’s conference held in Gainesville, GA. Her message was for women to, “…stand strong against their pasts and their flaws.”

According to research, the palm tree has also historically stood for peace and paradise, with many using the term, “Let him bear the palm who deserved it.” And. of course, the coconut palm is a symbol associated with the tropics on flags and seals.

So, when a Resort Girl says, “I want a piece of paradise,” there will most likely be a palm tree involved. For me, this was true. It was one of my Ps for my Perfect lifestyle Plan. Each morning when I popped open my window, there it stood—my very own palm tree in my little courtyard.

But, now this Resort Girl will look differently at my palm tree:

The palm tree.

It will become a symbol of moving forward and staying strong in the winds of life.

It will serve as a reminder of keeping a strong foundation both physically, mentally, and spiritually.

It will be a reminder of the victories in life.

It will give a sense of paradise and peace.

This Resort Girl is happy to have her palm tree as part of building her Perfect lifestyle. Is a Palm tree part of your Ps of your Perfect life, Resort Girls?


Photo Credit: Tom McManners

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