Memory Milestones of a Resort Girl

June 3, 2015

The other day, I was wandering down the secluded road to my previous, precious little rental cottage. Several times over the past three years, I have traveled down this gravel road pondering where my life was, where it had been, and where it might go – Memory Milestones.

As my feet felt the gravel beneath me, my legs were once again stronger than on the trip before. My body felt tight, but not in an anxious way – I felt I had a stronger core. My muscles are now leaner, and so has my life become – simpler.

There have been many painful and heartbreaking losses that have triggered this journey, but there have also been many, many strengthening and empowering gains. That is what I keep track of – the positive steps which I had control over making. Loss, many times, is not in our control – such as acts of nature, death and taxes. Not being in control is a very uncomfortable feeling for someone who, like many, needs to be in control.

But the freedom comes when you have the ability to lose control and enjoy the moment, people and places for what they are… unique and special. Each and every one of us has our own personal DNA and life blueprint. The key to discovering it is not fighting it, but accepting it, working with it and being happy with it.

In this media-rich world, we are surrounded by images of what the perfect life should look like – the “perfect” spouse or partner, playthings, palace, pedigree, and place or kind of employment among many things. But what I have discovered after trying to be perfect in all of those things is that it is an impossible dream. We all have our own destined blueprint for life, and if we fight it, we may never be transformed into our most beautiful and rewarding self.

As Rick Warren’s 50 Days of Transformation series points out, there are seven key areas to transform our lives: Spiritual Health, Physical Health, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Relational Health, Financial Health and Vocational Health.

He points out, that in order to begin to live our lives differently, we must begin to think differently.

So when I wander down memory milestone lanes, my transformation is logged in my mind, and my personal milestones are recorded. In order to find my own unique light and live differently, this Resort Girl has many more miles to travel on this journey of thinking differently.


Make a memory milestone path for yourself this year. Find a place of comfort and peace and start logging your memory milestones. Come on Resort Girls, together let’s be transformed into our uniquely beautiful blueprints!

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