Resort Girls on a Journey of Self Renewal

December 14, 2015

Two women on a journey of self renewal…. my mother and me. Three years ago, both of us suddenly became single again (after my divorce and my father’s passing), and we were in our 50 and 80s. It’s funny how things happen in life and who you are spiritually paired with in times of need, growth and comfort.

My mother has been a big inspiration behind Resort Girl. She reads my blogs over and over again. I’ll ring her up and read them to her while I write over our morning coffee..

Mother always reminded me to remain positive and uplifting because someone out there might just need a smile or brief escape from something going on in their life… as the two of us did many days and nights.

It is tough, but it is also thrilling – being single again in this world at a more advanced age. There is so much to re-learn from how to manage a home by yourself, start a new career, gain new friends (as many go with the divorce) and then there is dating again!

Mother and I have held each other’s hands many days walking into new venues and on new adventures. We’ve rediscovered our mother/daughter relationship that has been neglected many times through life’s daily obligations.


Family members can make some of the best Resort Girls… generational RGs. In times of celebration and even in times of renewal… going to a familiar cherished resort or destination brings comfort and common ground.

My mother loved Hilton Head and watching the dolphins swim by her side. Being RGs and traveling together gave us many stories to share back home, and also fun to look forward to the next time.

Thank you to my mother for being a Resort Girl inspiration. And Relaxing, Reflecting and Recharging together as RGs….

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