Resort Girls Get A Little Nutty

October 16, 2015

Don’t Resort Girls just wanna have fun? Be a little nutty and take an island escape — or just rock on a porch.

Seeing the world’s largest boiled peanut at Cahill’s on Monday inspired me to write this blog. Don’t we all need to get a bit nutty sometimes? It can’t hurt, especially with the stresses of the holiday season approaching.

So, how do Resort Girls like to get nutty? What I am figuring out from your wonderful feedback is that it’s not always by traveling. It could be, with the beach seeming to rank among the top destinations, but you can also let loose by chilling at a friend’s house or just on your front porch. Yes, rocking in the fall on your own rocker – that seems to do the trick. (See “Porching is a Prescription for Longer Life”)


Resort Girl and Guy minds need a brief mind escape when life gets nutty. The porch provides meditative place with a rocking chair, outdoor air, and birds chirping everywhere. Maybe sometimes all we need is the memory of that quick vacay escape to the islands – even while sitting in an office cubicle – or even just turning on an island tune.

Yesterday, I faced a seven-hour, grueling traffic-jammed trip to and through what is called one of the busiest and longest work commutes in America — Atlanta — on the way back to my city home.

Now, that will make anyone nutty – but in the wrong way. So to get back to my Resort Girl roots, I turned on some beach tunes. As this RG sang along, I got some interesting looks from fellow drivers, as I was acting a bit nutty, but it calmed my soul as the ocean breezes blew around in my mind.

All Resort Girls sing happy tunes and act a little nutty. After all, we all just wanna have some fun.

So as the acorns start to fall, let’s have some fun and rock in the fall.

Resort Girls, how do you get nutty?

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