Resort Girls Are Beautiful Butterflies

October 15, 2015
Resort Girl Butterfly

What stage of a butterfly are you, Resort Girl? Are you ready to take wings? The Monarch butterflies have been gracefully floating beside me on my morning beach walks on this end-of-season beach trip.

As I’m always looking for inspiration, the beautiful-winged Queen of insects was my inspiration today. Little did I know the symbolic power of the butterfly, but some quick research tells a historic, rich and wonderful story!


A key symbolic reference is the transformation into beauty and power. The butterfly is also a symbol of a joy. However, this transformation doesn’t occur until the final of five stages of growth. It must first be a not-so-pretty caterpillar before ultimately transforming into a breathtaking butterfly.

But that caterpillar does have a relaxing time in its cocoon – chilling on a leaf in a pretty cool pad. In the cocoon stage, this transforming creature enjoys itself in a safe harbor – relaxing, reflecting and recharging while working on its spirit. It is a time when all the world is shut out, almost like a rebirth but the creature already has knowledge of life. It has a solid foundation built from learning, crawling and avoiding predators – it has survived to enjoy the cocoon stage.

All this gave the newly-born butterflies a strong foundation to migrate to new places and soar high in the skies. The majority of butterflies only last a few weeks, but a few will last much longer.

I wonder if the spirit of the last generation is more bold and fearless. They can last, and make the long distances. They have built up their muscles, minds and spirit to stretch the distances. They will not let anything hold them back. They will fly against the winds… they will become Monarchs.

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