A Resort Girl’s Sweet Guest Suite

July 15, 2015

Yes, it is moving week and another chapter closes in this Resort Girl’s life adventure. And what an amazing offer from a sweet, kind, and very fine RG friend, Darlene, to offer me her guest suite. What a sweet one it is!

Her RG home overlooks the May River with unparalleled views of the marshlands surrounded by the native shrubs and grasses. I did notice one of those was ragweed, however, and quickly I knew why I sneezed.


I sat there chilling in her little window nook, looking out at nature’s beauty. It was a great break from the weeks of looking at boxes, chaos and the yeses, noes, stays, and goes. Downsizing is one of life’s adventures for those who, like me, are entering their retirement years. Oh, how we accumulate! Well this RG does like to try, taste and experience a lot—and take things home many times. Then one day you say to yourself, “Where did all this stuff come from and where it is going?”

Away this time! It is not following me… well some of it is… into storage for now. My dream condo turned out to have blue cheese on the walls. Mold is good on cheese but not on your home walls. So, this RG is still on search for her next island digs. And to my little mountain town home I will be driving in a week, and you will see a whole new set of adventures coming in the next few weeks. A change of latitude and higher altitudes.

As for now, I am dipping my toes in the infinity pool as the butterflies fly by – realizing just how quickly life flies by.


The wind blows upon the native ferns, making their leaves look almost like delicate arms cheering me on to my next life chapter with big smiles. Cheers to the next chapter in all Resort Girl’s lives – keep on course, steering forward, and try not to turn back (too often). Most of all RGs, always be exploring new paths! Unless you are a cat – you only live once!

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