How Resort Girls Dress Like (Golf) Players

July 13, 2015

At my plantation’s Saturday AM resident meeting, the topic of inappropriate dress at our Golf Grille came up.  My response was, “Did you ever post the dress code?”  Our Grille allows hotel guests to also dine there and, while professional golfers know the code (and make it part of their game), everyone isn’t aware that to be a player, you must look like one too!

Many new golfers do not know the code, as most are not told — let alone the non-golfer hotel guests. So I thought it would be a good blog series to post on standard fashion rules and trending styles for Resort Girl golfers. We, of course, want to look fashionable on the course, but also look like a pro.

There is nothing more embarrassing than being on the course or in the clubhouse, finding yourself on the receiving end of glares and stares and wondering what brought them on. For instance, men must take their hats off in the club dining areas. I had a Resort Guy once meet me after he paddle boarded in outdoor gear, and noticed the other men staring at him and wondered why this was happening. After this incident, I asked the staff about the appropriate dress code in Grille and learned it was the hat that brought about the fashion violation! The stares came because he did not take it off — so make sure your Resort Guy removes his hat. My guy did not know the rules, as he was not a golfer, but those stares burned into my memory.

Women are allowed to keep on their visors – but not caps or hats. If you are at a high-end club, however, you may want to remove all head gear. You can deal with that bad hat hair with some of that horrible hairspray they supply in many women’s lockers. My friends and I wonder why they use a decades old cement-like hairspray brand, but then we realized… guys generally run the clubs!

Also remember to bring a brush and some touch-up makeup to get that shine off. One of my best RG tips is to use hair pieces. You can pop a cute one on as a pony tail, fluff your bangs and be ready to go!


Resort Girls can find proper attire rules on the internet, for example this general one from Golfsmith.

One trend I’ve noticed is that women do not have to wear collared shirts, but tank tops or halters are forbidden. If the shirt is athletic wear, however, it can be acceptable. Most importantly, if you are in a corporate tournament, wear a collared shirt and longer shorts or pants, or an appropriate golf skirt. I was always only one of a handful of women actually playing, as well as being a sponsor in most of the corporate golf outings – and being one of a few, you want to look like a player.

My teams actually did win a few times too, as I have a good swing. Resort Girls, be prepared, arrive in style and look like you know how to play… it gives you a boost of confidence when you tee off!


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