A Return to Avalon for Some Resort Girl Fun and Finds

September 21, 2015

One of this Resort Girl’s fave short vacays still has got to be Avalon in Alpharetta, GA. My SUV just wants to pull off the interstate for a visit every time I drive into the city.

My spur of the moment RG vacay usually begins with a filling lunch, as you need energy to walk the Avalon avenues. My choice is Whole Foods, where this country RG can pick up some city food and choice groceries. This is such a popular spot and the parking lot gets pretty packed at lunch, but there are plenty of indoor and outdoor seats to park yourself at. Not to mention, the food selection is AMAZING! There’s almost too much to choose from for this Resort Girl! Then, on top of that, I have to walk by that swirling case of ice cream and the large glass cases of every sweet delicious dessert an RG could desire. I just sit there and stare and let my mouth water!

Next, I head off to walk the avenues of Avalon and to walk off the calories – so indulge a bit, just like this Resort Girl does.

With each return to Avalon, I find a few new stores to explore since there are so many but, there is so little time on a quick, day long vacay. My first choice was the Anthropologie store, where I discovered the most adorable decorative accents for a RG’s bath or kitchen. What a fun set of RG & G mermaid towels to have hanging off your retro-style oven in your beach bungalow.


I could just image my robe hanging from a cute swordfish hook or one of the colorful fish knobs!


Can you imagine repainting a consignment dresser (RGs like to recycle) in a bold color or a bright white and adding a touch of art with these little fishies?

Then it was off to Lululemon. This store is a staple for Resort Girls, as we are all so active and need our attractive activewear. The Lululemon sales team is a great resource to help you personalize your workout attire. On my personal workouts, I have found compression helps with my weaker muscles, made so die to fibromyalgia. The Lulu sales team picked out a pair of Tight Stuff Tight bottoms for me and I love them, as they have great support but also are sexy — I got mine in red!

I also found it was a great time to pick up a pair of sculpt shorts that were on sale. I am thinking about wearing these under my tennis and golf skirts for more support.

It turns out this RG was just about to miss some runway fashion fun on the avenues of Avalon. Outside the Lulu store they had set up a runway for a magical fall evening benefit for Bert’s Big Adventure. What fun to be one of these VIPs!


There are so many stores to visit, and each time this Resort Girl picks a few to explore and remember for her next return trip to Avalon.

Just walking down the streets is a relaxing experience – to sit and reflect in their cushy outdoor couches on what you saw, what you smelled and all the sounds surrounding you on an afternoon RG vacay among the top shops and beautiful brick-lined streets of Avalon. It is a great place to Relax, Reflex and Recharge…

What are your fave stores in Avalon? Let your fellow RGs know, so we can stop by on our next quick vacay to Avalon…

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