Sometimes to Rescue Is to Be Rescued

August 9, 2015

After three years, this RG has finally come back home. To those going through tough times and life changes, I’ve realized maybe you don’t have to move to move on.

Was it best for me to pack up my vehicle to the roof and head for warm waters and sunny skies during my life transition? Reflecting back… maybe so… maybe not… maybe a mix.

Three years ago, this RG lost most everything that mattered and even who she was – my job, my firm, my husband, my home, and even my father. However, I was lucky and so blessed to have the honor to live in a beautiful and safe place of waterways of South Carolina.

But there were thunderstorms and hurricanes during this transition time, I experienced the emotions and pains of homelessness, death, flood, financial loss, and most of all identity loss. Having lost a home to flood during this turbulent time, I found myself shacking up with my little rescue dog, Windsor, in a borderline hotel for weeks – thus not having a real safe roof over my head. It was an eye-opening time as Windsor and I basically lived out of our my car in freezing temperatures, as most of our belongings were flooded or stored away.



But what kept me whole and able to go on was the spiritual and natural side of life. Windsor came into my life by happenstance.

When we met, he was skin and bones – scared to death – and would barely eat. Eventually, he began to trust me with little hand-held, healthy bits of food and a warm cozy bed – oh, and add a good bone.

And soon we both held each other close at night. He was by my side during each day, walking away, getting our strength back – building up our core. Sure, I caused some of my life’s drama. Resort Girls must take responsibility for our own actions and getting too caught up in man-made delights and impulse decisions and actions. But we live in a world that stresses so much of the unnatural – pleasures from plastic, looking unnaturally fantastic and even computer  – over human touch.

What saved me was the natural and spiritual – dear sweet dog protection, gentle human hands and daily walks in spirit amongst nature – not computer screens or likes and shares. Most likely and honestly, I would not be here typing this unless for these forces…and thanks to my mother and fellow journeywoman.



Maybe my typing this is to give some great tips to other Resort Girls… be kind to yourself, be confident in yourself, be open to new ideas, let nature in, bend your bodies to new ends, and in the end… never give up! And, at times, it is best to avoid what that computer screen might yield – and don’t click over there just turn if off!

And if you are good to your soul and those souls around you… in the end you will win an eternity of happiness! Be there for a RG who might be going through a hurricane or thunderstorm in her life… like actually being there! Make them smile.

Take a RG on a walk, together rescue a dog or cat, plant a community garden, or make a difference in a foster child’s life. Don’t do the plastic to yourself or your financial situation. Instead work it, walk it, jump it out and make a difference, Resort Girls! It lasts more than any of that and most of all is free… and freeing!

Make a difference, RG’s and rescue someone or something – maybe to even rescue yourself.

Update: Windsor is one happy, wagging dog now. He now lives with a great doctor and nurse. The thunderstorms were just too fierce for such a precious soul to ride out, and he found himself a loving, stable family. But I sure do miss those doggie kisses!

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