A Resort Girl’s Dream Town: Alpharetta, Georgia

August 3, 2015

This Resort Girl is back in her hometown of Alpharetta, Georgia – the Technology City of the South, as some call it. RGs can think of it as the South’s answer to Silicon Valley – where many dreams are made. Many firms have been started on a back of a napkin here, including my firms. It also has a gorgeous new, but historically designed, city center, City Hall and public library. Many golf communities, artistic neighborhoods, and even horse farms are located near here. There are also plenty of seasonal weekend arts, and food festivals are held here as well.


The Village Tavern is one place where sitting and writing has been a part of this community for almost two decades. This RG held many office meetings in this tavern and has seen many things change in my life, but the tavern remains the same. Quality food, smiling service and much biz-buzz goes on in these comfy booths.

This RG dines here when in town, as it provides a sense of hometown and many milestone memories. Like many writers, I love to dine out for inspiration and a change of scenery. My favorite booth at the Village Tavern is in the bar area, as I like to appreciate the mural on the wall which speaks to community.


My ears are abuzz right now with the muffled voices of business taking place in all the booths and tables around. This town is where RGs need to be hanging around when dreaming of their dream biz.

A year back, my radio show, The SmartSamantha Show, ran on the local business radio station during the lunch hour time slot. It was a fun adventure being a radio host, producing the show and interviewing top local business professionals. Take a trip over to my podcasts at 6P Idea if you are an RG dreaming of your own biz. There are some helpful tips to make your business adventure successful.

The city of Alpharetta boasts some of the top firms in the world and has an ever increasing number of technology firms – which also helps to make a business successful. Plus, there are top-level legal, accounting, management and other professionals to help support a growing firm. Oh, and my fabulous Excite Creative Studios is not too far away – they are the shining social media stars behind Resort Girl. Dreamin’ RGs should check out their Social Media podcast.

Many really cool start-up centers are also in close driving distance, like the ATDC and Kennesaw State Center for Business and Innovation.

Dreamin’ Resort Girls will like the natural spaces surrounding and incorporated into many Alpharetta office parks. This RG had a dreamy office for over a decade with sky-high, ground level windows surrounded with natural stone and a beautiful green beltway within view.


My mind thinks clearer when green is nearer and nature is part of the scenery, so that I can take short office breaks and wander with thoughts among verdant grass, clear skies and whatever is buzzing by.

It is also nice to have clean, organic food and a good brew in walking distance. Across the parking lot of my office park a popular little brewery called 5 Seasons. It serves craft beers and organic fare. Their dining spaces include comfy booths, and they even have a large flaming fire pit. In the winter, it’s a great and relaxing meeting place for this RG and her clients and team members.


So you can see why this Resort Girl ranks Alpharetta high for building a dream biz! It has many of the things I need professionally, but it also ranks high in places to be near nature. You can take a bike ride, a horse ride, or dine in local pubs all while you build a dream Resort Girl career. RGs, come take a dream trip to the Southern Silicon Valley – Alpharetta, Georgia  – and see what ideas it may inspire!

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